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Ten Things I Can't Live Without

My son, CJ.   Each day I am blessed to have such a wonderful son who is smart, funny, and great at anything he tries.   Who has no issues with kissing his mom whenever I ask….and I ask a lot (especially  when he bestows me with kisses in front of his entire soccer team).

My garden.  I’m a weekend gardener and spent the past 12 years playing in the dirt.  No matter the weather I can always be found in the garden moving and dividing plants.  I move plants around so often that I actually have been known to forget where I have planted some.   My garden is shared by all.  It is a great pleasure to see the little ones walking thru the yard smelling the different flowers and looking for the lavender plants each year to smell and touch.

Elegant Farmer apple pie baked in a brown paper bag.  If you have never had one, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Check it out,

Scented candles.  Who does not enjoy filling their home with a lovely fragrance?  My favorite is Meadow Mist by Yankee Candle Company.   Looking for that perfect hostess gift?  Trapp Candles are awesome and I love all their fragrances (haven’t found one yet that I didn’t like).  The Jasmine scented candles from Target, also rock, and they don’t break the bank.

Flea markets, estate sales, garage sales, resale shops, and antique stores.  Always in search of that next treasure to bring into my house and make it a home.  Here is just a smattering of some of my found treasures.

California Red Wine.  Living in San Fransisco for a few years and visiting the wineries, left me with a deep appreciation for wine.  Just recently became a wine member at Cooper's Hawk and their red wine, Barbera, rocks.  Who doesn't like to pour a glass of wine and relax with a good book especially when you pop a couple dark chocolate truffles in your mouth as well.   That's the life!

My SIL & BF, Cynthia, who inspires me to be a better person in all aspects of my life. 

My nieces, Gia and Giselle, who are always so free with their kisses and hugs.  Who doesn't love reading a book to a little one or helping them to put together a puzzle?  We all need to stop, slow our lives down, and take some time to play and be a kid again.  We are never too old to play!  So what are you waiting for?  Stop reading and go play!!!!

Water.  Yes, I try to drink 8 8 oz of water a day but that is not what I'm refering to.  I live and grew up in the Midwest and have always loved watching the waves of Lake Michigan.  I'm a Pisces so maybe that also has something to do with it, not sure; but I enjoy sitting on the beach, collecting rocks, and listening to the waves.  Nothing is more soothing or beautiful.  Water restores me, clears my mind, and gives me direction.  What restores you?

Warm, hot out of the oven chocolate chip cookies.  I have to admit that even Mickey D's has great chocolate chip cookies, especially when they are still warm.  Yum......

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