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Fabulous Finds

What a beautiful Sunday!  Cold, crisp clean air for treasure hunting; and treasure hunt, we did.  Who doesn't like to find fabulous things?  Especially at bargain prices. 

Here's just a fabulous display of some of our great finds for you to enjoy delightfully displayed in my front garden. 

What's great is that Cyn and I both love the same things but have different decorating styles.  Cyn loves the pale pastel colors and is inspired by the shabby chic look and my home is ensconced in dark brown, grey, antique beige and congo red walls (in my opinion, Ralph Lauren's best red by far).

What a beautiful french print of a lovely young boy and girl embracing with a dog playing at the girl's feet.  The photo doesn't do this one justice.  The pale muted colors just ooze shabby chic and will look delightful hanging on the pale blue wall of the girls' playroom.  Cyn nabbed this charming piece quite quickly; this one was a definite keeper and great find!

Cyn found the phenomenal picture with the chartreuse velvet matting.  Thank goodness the piece doesn't go with her decor but will look stupendous in mine!  I can't wait to find the perfect place to display it in my home.  If you CHERISH IT....BUY IT!!!!  You will always find a place for your newly acquired treasure to reside. 

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Fabulous Finds

Sometimes I wonder if Cyn and I are not a little nutty??? After all who is crazy enough to stand in line outside in this bitter, cold Midwest winter just to scrounge for treasures at a local estate sale.  Although growing up, I had always wondered what the inside of this Georgian home looked like.  We endured the cold and three hours digging inside the house produced many thrifty chic purchases.  Needless to say, we were not disappointed. 

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